Medicare Supplements
Medicare supplements are insurance plans that work in along with your regular Medicare benefits. They cover many expenses not covered under Original Medicare such as additional hospital days or expenses not paid by Medicare. These supplement plans sometimes cover deductibles or co-payments that are charged to Medicare patients without one of these plans.
The Medicare supplement plans are all the same as far as coverage and benefits, there is no difference in any of these plans because the Medicare sets the standards. meaning that plans sold by different insurance companies all offer the same benefits. The most popular supplement plan is Plan F. Click here to visit to get a quick Medigap quote

Medicare Advantage plans replace Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are offered by companies and provide the same coverage as Medicare A and B, but vary as far as benefits are concerned, there can still be gaps in coverage if a major illness strikes. Some Medicare Advantage plans offer dental, vision or prescription coverage. Most Medicare Advantage plans are similar to HMO’s and have a small network of doctors than those that accept supplemental insurance.

Medicare Advantage plans are cheaper than traditional supplement plans. You have to be willing to deal with a limited network.If you have limited funds the Medicare Advantage program may work for you. Imedigapplan does not offer Medicare Advantage.